Supporting Innovation and Entrepreneruship.


Our goal is to promote ground-breaking solutions from early stages of development to enable their future adoption in the clinical practice.

Hands-on support

We support two types of projects

  • Projects aiming to assess the quality and efficiency of new or established healthcare interventions
  • Early-stage development projects focused on innovative solutions to improve the quality, affordability and equity of healthcare

Direct Investment

Investment products are awarded to projects and early-stage companies aligned with the Foundation’s mission

  • Start_FHiTT
    Addressed to early stage start-ups. From an innovative idea to a minimum viable product.
  • Grow_FHiTT
    Focused on promising start-ups. Building beyond a prototype.

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One of the main ways we can help healthcare professionals and entrepreneurs is by connecting you with the right stakeholders and promoting beneficial relationships. 

We can organise think tanks, forums, and workshops to help stimulate innovative ideas, work through problems, and solve the challenges facing the healthcare sector. 

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fHiTT Tank

Advanced half-day training courses
Focused on current health challenges
Outstanding faculty
Encouraging innovation

fHorum with key stakeholders

To listen and co-create
To anticipate problems and propose solutions
To stimulate debate
To build alliances


The FHiTT R&D programme develops disruptive and patient-centred solutions that are aligned with the Foundation’s mission.

Medtech incubator

  • Taking internal disruptive ideas from birth to proof-of-concept.

  • If successful, the technology is transferred and further developed by an external entity.

  • Our overall goal is to speed-up innovation and boost the entrepreneurial landscape.

Patient-centred initiatives

  • Internal projects aiming to refine existing processes or implement new interventions to improve the overall health and well-being.

  • Projects will focus on needs from both the patient and societal perspective.