AES – Health Economics Conference

The XL+1 edition of the Health Economics Conference, organized by the AES Health Economics Association, has taken place in Zaragoza on June 15 to 17. We have taken part of this event exploring issues such as: medical care decision-making, economic assessment, the management of healthcare institutions and the investment in innovation.

Fundació HiTT inaugurated its participation in these three days of debates and speeches through an approach to the field of medical care decision-making, exploring the role and benefits that standardizing the use of Real World Data could provide to research, data management and regulation.

On the second day we have been presenting the poster “Consensus on eHealth data requirements” resulting of the project “Digitalisation of the Multiple Sclerosis Care Process”, leaded in collaboration with the UOC eHealth Center. An approach to digitalisation solutions, has been developed, taking the complexity of multiple sclerosis as a practical example and involving a multidisciplinary team of professionals engaged in its care process. The results include some basis for the standardization of information systems, considering the relevance of concise, reliable, and comparative universal access information.

We said goodbye to the AES Conference, with a last intervention, this time in the framework of COVID-19, where we have moderated a round table, exploring the impact in different dimensions of the COVID-19, through various academic contributions.

Emerging needs and old challenges of the health system are framing a conference where professionals involved in the transformation of the system by addressing the challenges and opportunities posed by the health system.

These have been enlightening days for the health ecosystem, which have offered roadmaps towards the need to introduce transformations that guarantee the health of all people and the continuity of the Health System. And an opportunity to look at the current state of the health care system through the eyes of health economics. Where the principle of efficiency paves the way for a more sustainable future.

See you next edition, taking place in Girona.