eHealth: a key contributor towards the sustainability of the healthcare system

The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated a process that was already underway: the digital transformation in healthcare.
From telemedicine and the remote monitoring and treatment of patients to artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled medical devices, healthcare digitalisation has the potential to improve healthcare delivery, enhance patients’ engagement and lower healthcare costs, all of which essential for achieving universal health coverage.

There are many and varied areas in which digital health can be key in improving healthcare processes and performance, and FHiTT is committed to explore some of these areas through the organisation of a series of disease focus workshops involving patients, providers and payers.

The first workshop will focus on multiple sclerosis and the potential of digitalisation in improving the quality of care for these patients. # #healthcare #health #sustainability #innovation #healthcareinnovation #healthcaresustainability #FundacioHiTT #digitalhealth