Fundació HiTT went public on a day like today in 2019. While we were getting closer to days of celebration, we had one more reason to be happy: the birth of the HiTT Foundation. Happiness that today we remember one more time seeing, on its second anniversary, the progress it has made.

After years of experience in the field, we decided it was time to make a contribution to the paradigm shift that should guide the future of the healthcare system. From this desire to build a sustainable system, was born the Foundation.

And like everything that has just been born, it must be led with the necessary guidelines to become a reality. Today we can say that we are very proud of the values with which we have grown this project: social commitment, transparency, and sustainability.However, as you can imagine, the road we have taken has not been smooth. Like many other projects, our path has been hampered by the emergence of a global pandemic.

We had two ways of dealing with this obstacle that stood in our way a few months after the Foundation was launched. We chose to see this as a definite sign of the need to make transformative changes in the healthcare system. It must be shielded not only from the most explicit threats but also from the problems of not introducing innovations into the system.

We can now proudly say that despite the pandemic our compromise has been strengthened and we move on with our commitment to drive innovation through support for promising projects and the knowledge transfer.

Through these years, we have created a team close and committed that offers the best of each to make this project go ahead. And we are heading for a 2022 full of initiatives such as conferences, training projects, and a few more surprises.

We are glad to celebrate another year with those who walk the path with us or have accompanied us at some point. And we look forward with open arms to those who will participate in our initiative in the future.