Promoting Innovative Projects

HiTT Foundation was created with the aim of promoting change in the current healthcare paradigm and generating a positive impact on the health System. We believe that the key to change can be found in the combination of innovation and entrepreneurship. These are the cornerstones on which we must build the future health system, a sustainable system that guarantees the well-being of society as a whole.

We cannot allow innovative projects to fail to move forward due to lack of resources and funds. That’s the reason why we, as a foundation, offer support to projects and startups in the biomedical sector, focusing on those projects with the potential to offer innovative solutions, that once adopted by the public health system will improve its efficiency.

We also organize advanced training courses and meetings between the different actors of the sector. Knowledge is one of the most valuable resources and we want to share it though collaboration and interaction. We want to boost the co-creation of projects and to bring into contact different ideas so that they can provide constructive feedback to each other.

That is why HiTT Foundation celebrates initiatives aimed at promoting transformative projects. The creation of the Next Generation Office impulse by ACCIÓ, represents one of these. As it contributes to providing projects of Catalan companies with more than 20% of the EU’s Next Generation funds addressed to Spanish companies. It assures that they receive the necessary support to move forward. Therefore, it contributes to the structural change, improving the sustainability trough the boost of the economy, companies’ competitiveness, and employment. They will allow companies to make the most of the available current resources, optimizing resources.